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The Passion behind Sushi ME

The Brand Story

From the far corners of the enchanting East, where deliciousness mingles with magical ingredients and the bounties of the seas and land, brought to you by expert hands and served by gentle souls on dishes that smell of history and authenticity to the connoisseurs of the Middle East, Sushi ME rises up and works tirelessly for you.

To be the first destination for lovers of Japanese delicacies who want to taste dishes that traveled through the ages and evolved to satisfy the sophisticated and diverse tastes, we work with passion and dedication and serve with a smile on our face.

What we offer is more than just food, we offer the authenticity of the past and the experiences of the present and we work to add more to the future of the ancient Japanese cuisine respecting its traditions and culture it represents, as behind every dish a lot of hard work and effort is made by experts in the art of authentic Japanese food.

Masters of Sushi

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